Upcoming Cigar Events

Drew Estate - The Rebirth of Cigars at The Vault in Apex! Weekends are just better when you have cigars to enjoy. Join us for a "can't miss" event with generous deals on the tasty cigars of DREW ESTATE and JOYA DE NICARAGUA and discover why these two Nicaraguan legends should be prominent in your humidor. We'll have our usual generous spread of refreshments, good food, great cigar deals and more! Deals on selected Drew Estate cigars, swag, & prizes!

Summer Pork N'Puff Saturday September 26th 12 noon (rain date Oct 3rd)
Hal has decided that this year's Pork-n-Puff will be a Customer Appreciation Day. So to help us do that, we've lined up 8 vendors as co-sponsors. There will be DEALS (save money), RAFFLES (save more money) and even some GIVE-AWAYS (save even more money), are we beginning to see a trend? The Event starts at 12:00 Noon and will last ALL DAY LONG! Did I mention food? Eric Espinosa from Espinosa Cigars has volunteered to cook a "Cook a Cuban Pig" in some kind of special grill setup that they have. The only down side is that the grill is limited to a 90 lb pig. Well, that's not even close enough pig to handle the "hundreds of people" we hope to have in attendance, so we have enlisted "local boy and legend" Powel to cook up some more pig. That leaves us with an interesting question, Who's pig is better? WHY NOT HAVE A PIG OFF! Were going to need 3 to 5 Judges to "sample" each pig and determine the better style of pig. Sooooo, between 12 and 1pm, we will be fair and impartial, all purchases will receive a ticket (see where this is going) and we will draw our Judges from that pool (FREE FOOD). Tickets for the Event (so we can get an idea of how much or many pigs to buy) will go on sale September 1st at both Empire locations. THE PORK-N-PUFF WILL BE AT THE NORTH RALEIGH STORE AND PARKING LOT ONLY!

WEDNESDAY POKER GAME! $30 buy-in, payout in gift cards with 2 to 4 places. Call our Raleigh store at (919) 870-0081 to play Wednesday night and call the Apex store at (919) 303-9022 to play on Thursday. Space is limited, so reserve your place at the table now! The Raleigh store location is on Strickland.

PLAY POKER IN APEX THURSDAY NIGHT! Come on down and get dealt into a hand for a friendly game with all your best cigar buddies. Call (919) 303-9022 for details or contact us to save yourself a place at The Vault poker table.

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