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A.J. Fernandez Event & Smoker
Wednesday January 11th 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM in Apex

Buy 4 get 1 Free (Limit 3 Free cigars, so Limit of 3 specials) Buy a box get 5 free 5 packs not included

A.J. Fernandez Cigars traces its roots back to San Luís, Cuba, where Abdel's grandfather started the San Lotano brand. In the summer of 2010, Fernandez revived the long-discontinued cigar which was previously made in the years before the Cuban Revolution of 1959.

Last Call New Maduro

The cigar first came to life as a personal blend of Fernandez's, which he shared with guests who came to visit his Nicaraguan estate. "The cigar line was given this particular name since it literally became the final smoke of the evening for A.J. and his guests during their visits to the 'White House' [Estate] for Monday and Thursday night NFL games" The original Ecuador Habano Rosado wrapper AND the new Last Call Maduro! New sizes in stock for this event.

WEDNESDAY POKER GAME! $30 buy-in, payout in gift cards with 2 to 4 places. Call our Raleigh store at (919) 870-0081 to play Wednesday night and call the Apex store at (919) 303-9022 to play on Thursday. Space is limited, so reserve your place at the table now! The Raleigh store location is on Strickland.

PLAY POKER IN APEX THURSDAY NIGHT! Come on down and get dealt into a hand for a friendly game with all your best cigar buddies. Call (919) 303-9022 for details or contact us to save yourself a place at The Vault poker table.

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